About The Leinbach Aerator

When it comes to healthy lawns and landscapes, the Leinbach aerator is the perfect garden tool for the job.  When the soil and earth becomes compact over time, grass becomes weak and slowly dies.   The grass roots are starved of necessary oxygen and other nutrients.  The Leinbach aerator will burrow its 4 inch hollow plugs into the ground and remove small lawn thatches, aerating the soil and encouraging a healthy growing environment.    This aeration dismantles the compacted soil, while paving the way for much needed oxygen and natural water irrigation.  There is scientific evidence that exists indicating proper aeration makes a measurable difference in the long-term health and/or quality of a lawn.Leinbach Aerator Online
There are basically 2 different types of Leinbach aerators.  The first type is a solid plug that simply punches holes into the soil, and the second is a hollow plug style, and actually pulls a small core of soil out of the ground.  Leinbach Machinery manufactures both types of aerators.  There are also 2 different methods of attaching an aerator to your tractor or host machine.  The Leinbach aerator is available in a pull type hitch, and the standard 3 point hitch for easy hook up and maneuverability. 

The sturdy construction of a Leinbach aerator is features in the beefy welds connecting the plugs to the 15 inch drum.  Pillar block bearing ensure long life and smooth operation.  The drums themselves can be filled with water, adding over 200 pounds in weight, providing penetration into the most compacted lawns.  The Leinbach Aerator is framed using heavy duty steel tubing and painted yellow. 

Where can I buy a Leinbach Aerator?

The Leinbach aerator is great for residential, commercial, and farm applications.  There are many different widths available depending on model, ranging from 30” up to 72”.  Leinbach Machinery is a farm equipment manufacturer that only sells their products through an authorized dealer.  Everything Attachments.com is an online super store that offers product demonstration videos, telephone assistance, experienced staff, and best of all
FREE shipping to most of the east coast.  It is important to know which Leinbach Aerator is best for your tractor.  It depends on size, but most models recommend a 20 - 45 horsepower tractor for attaching your Leinbach Aerator.